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Adventurers invited: Indonesia promises reward for rescuing tyre trapped giant Croc

Indonesian authorities promise a hefty reward for those who rescue a tyre strangled giant Crocodile in a lake. The croc weighing close to a tonne with a length of over 13 feet is trapped within a tyre which is stuck to its neck region.

Owing to the tight fit the giant amphibian is having difficulty to swallow chunks of food and its ability to stealth hunt is also at stake. Since one year the wild croc swims in the lake in this manner and wildlife activists are now concerned it may lead to its death if the tyre is not removed.

Many serious adventurists had accepted the challenge, but on seeing the croc and his rubber halo, back-off in doubt they would become the kind beasts first thanks-giving snack. The challenge is still open, says the central Zulavesi natural resource conservation agency head, Hasmani Hasmar.

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