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Here are 12 amazing drinks to simmer down the summer!

Summers around the corner and we need to have something to cool down the mind and the body together.

Well, there are some interesting recopies you can try out this summer. You can even  try them at home. So,here goes the list:

Lemon Drink – Nimbu Paani / Shikanji
Nimbu Paani is a very good heat stroke reliever. And this drink will just take two minutes for you to make it and drink it. Your parched body will automatically experience a change. The sour taste of Nimbu will fight the heat.

How do we make this? Take a container pour the water and add sugar or a bit of salt. Stir so as to dissolve it. Adds the lemon juice till it is tart and if it turns out to be more sour then add some more water to it. Add the juice of pudina leaves to it.Garnish it using a sliced lemon and serve the chilling summer drinks with ice. You can even add some basil seeds to it to get a little more on the nutrient side.

Sattu ka Sharbat
Sattu drink is a very famous drink of Eastern India, especially in Bihar. The summer roads will be filled with this summer drinks (sattu sharbat) stalls selling this drink. But if you make it at home you will enjoy the taste more. It also depends on the roasted gram powder, so get hold of a good quality one.

How do we make this?  Pour the cold water in a container. Put the Roasted gram flour into Water. Pour the lemon Juice into it. Blend the mixture properly. Add the proper amount of salt and two small spoons of the cumin powder. Pour it into the glass and sprinkle chat masala on it. Put few cubes of ice and here it is! All ready to serve.

Chanch or ButterMilk

Buttermilk drink is one of the popular summer drinks made of yogurt and very popular in North India. It is not a cooling summer drink but aids in digestion and fills your stomach. You need not worry as it just takes few minutes to be ready for it. It is served by traditional thali meals in restaurants. It is known as Neer Mor Drink in South India.

How do we make this? Blend the yogurt and water properly. Add asafoetida powder, curry leaves, 2 to 3 drops of ginger juice. and again blend it. Put some roasted cumin powder and black salt. Stir it well. Pour it in the glass and sprinkle some cumin powder. Garnish it with the mint leaves and serve it chilled by adding ice cubes.

Watermelon Juice

The fruit itself has a refreshing energy when taken during the summer. Because it has 90 percent of water content it is the best fruit give solace to your parched throat and body. Watermelon juice is good for the stomach as well. Here is the recipe for the juice.

How do we make this?  Blend the pulp adding 2 ice cubes into it. Add Black salt and stir it. Pour it in the glass. Add few cubes and leaves to garnish. Devour!

Aam Panna

The summer is in with an abundance of Mango recipes. There are pickles made of mango, ripe mangoes decorate the lunch every day, but there are sweet, salty and sour; aam panna which will definitely make you feel re-energized with this homely drink.

How do we make this? Boil the raw mangoes in the pressure cooker or roast it properly so that the pulp gets spongy. Let it cool. Then peel off the skin properly. Mash it remove the seed. Blend it properly in the blender. Dissolve four spoons of sugar in one cup water. If you want to have sweet aam panna then pour the sugar syrup into the blender and stir it well. But if you want to have Spicy salted aam panna then add black salt and cumin powder with few mint leaves and blend it again. Pour it in the container, add four cups of water and stir it well. Pour it into the glass and serve it chilled adding the ice cubes into it.

Panakam, Panagam or Panaka – A South Indian Summer Drink
Panakam is a very common cool drink during Ram Navami in South India.  As compared to other cooling beverages this drink is much healthier. And it will be ready before you within minutes.

How do we make this?  Dissolve the Jaggery in the water and filter it to remove the impurity from it. Add lemon juice into it and stir it. Add cardamom powder, Black pepper, salt and the ginger powder. You can put the Camphor and tulsi leaves as you wish. Served as a drink to the God, has a belief that this will keep the Lord Rama happy and thus the kingdom of his will also be happy.

Thandai is a very famous North Indian drink during the colourful festival of India: Holi. Literally, the word means cool drink. It is a drink which celebrates the coming of Spring which will be followed by summer.

How do we make this?

 Soak the seeds- fennel, pistachios, Poppy Seeds, Almonds, melon seeds, black peeper, and the rose petals. Leave it overnight. Cover the container well before you leave it to soaked. Then pour the ingredients into a blender or a good mixture. Add sugar or gulkand to it and the cardamom seeds. then add few strands of saffron. Blend it properly and keep the paste properly in a container. Refrigerate if not using instantly. If not then take the paste in the glass and add chilled water or milk into it. Mix it well and add some ice cubes into it. Garnish it with rose petals and few strands of Kesar.

Pan Gulkand Drink or Paan shot
A new drink which will make you feel attached to the country. Yes, it is made of paan leaves, paan patta or betel leaves as we say it in english. It is said that the leaf has an aroma and flavour- salty, sour, astringent, minty, sweet. So if you haven’t tried it ever do go for it. Lets check out this summer drink Gulkand recipe.

How do we make this?

Wash the betel leaf properly and make the puree of it .Add chilled milk and gulkand into it. stir it well.Add the basil seed and almond powder to it. Stir it well.Then add the chopped fruits to it.Serve it chilled adding the roafza and ice cubes. Garnishing it with basil leaves.

Nannari Syrup Drink
Nannari is a very known South Indian drink. There is a special plant called Nannari Plant. It is also known as Indian Sarsaparilla: plant native to India. The roots of this plant are used and it has a special aroma which makes the drink to have its own special aroma.

How do we make this?

Put water in a pan and add the nannari powder. Mix well, cover the container and leave it for 2 to 3 hours. Add five cups of jaggery in the same pan. Keep the pan in a low flame and stir it till the jaggery dissolves. Cook it for 20 to 30 minutes till the syrup reduces to be 1/3 rd of the earlier. Let the syrup cool and then Sieve it using a muslin cloth. Refrigerate the syrup. And use when you require. If you want an instant syrup then add some chilled water and the lemon juice.Serve chilled.

Bel Ka Sharbat/ Wood Apple Juice

A very popular drink of North India. It’s very common in each nook and corner o the city. it is made out of the bel fruit. This is a deciduous tree very common in the northern part of India.

How do we make this?

Scoop out the pulp of the fruit properly. Remove the seeds from the extract and add sugar and water. Mix it properly in the mixture. Sieve out the fibres from the drink. Pour it in the glass add ice cubes and serve it chilled.


It is summer drinks with which the Punjabis greet any guest. But it is still special in all over India as it will quench your thirst with a new energy. You cannot miss this drink if you are around here in India during the summer.

How do we make this?

Pour the curd into a container. use a blender or a wired whisk to mix the curd till it smoothens. Add sugar to water stir till it dissolves. Now churn the Madani or the lassi in the lassi mixer. Add the rose water, few saffron strands and Cardamom powder into the mixture churn it again. Serve it garnishing it with sliced fruit on top of it and let the few strands of saffron float.

Imli ki Chatney 

Mouth watering, isnt it ?Imili recipe is famous fruit to tackle the heat stroke during summer. It is often suggested that who ever suffer from a bleeding nose due to the heat wave should have this meethi chutney. To wade away the dryness and scorching effect of the summer stroke mothers at home serve this chatni generally during lunch. Let us have look on how to make Imli ki chatni.

How do we make this ? 

Soak the tamarind in water for two hours. Sieve the water out after. Mash it properly removing the seed out from it. The paste of tamarind is ready. Dissolve 10 to 15 tablespoons of sugar in a bowl of water. Add the paste to it. Blend it properly. Leave it to cool. Serve it chilled topping it with the ice cubes. Garnish it with fresh pudina leaves.


These were the 12 interersting recipes that you need to try this summer. Drink and chill!



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