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Italy lights candles a day before India to beat the virus gloom

Italy, the land of Cheerful and pleasant crowd had literally turned to be a teardrop in the face of the world after the brutal Virus attack. Close to 15,000 Italians died infected with Coronavirus within a span of three weeks.119,827 had tested positive for the dreaded virus. The complete lock-down is further making the fun-loving Italians sick as they culturally spend much of their time socializing.

On Saturday evening, a day before the Indians will light-up their homes Italians kindled candles in front of their homes to beat the off-beat virus blooms. Italy has never faced such a high casualty after the World wars in the Mussolini era.

The Italians were seen standing at the windows singing and waving candles. The balconies and windows were lighted up with candles. The unwavering Italian spirit to face adverse situations with cheer is complimented well on various social media platforms.

Another coincidence is the fact that earlier, it were the Italians who rang the bells and banged the pots at their balconies which was soon followed by the Indians. This time when lighting the candles Italy preceded India a day before.


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