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‘Situation in India is approaching genocidal’:Union government is exploiting Covid-19 to suppress Muslims claims Arundhati Roy: Video

Booker Prize Award winner and noted political activist Arundhati Roy has accused that the union government is exploiting the Covid-19 pandemic to suppress the Muslims in the country. In an interview given to a German media ‘DW’ she has raised this claim. Roy claimed that coronavirus has resulted in increasing hatred against Muslims in the country.

She in an interview to DW that the union government’s strategy would “dovetail with this illness to create something which the world should really keep its eyes on,” adding that “the situation is approaching genocidal.”

“I think what has happened is COVID-19 has exposed things about India that all of us knew. “We are suffering, not just from COVID, but from a crisis of hatred, from a crisis of hunger.”

“This crisis of hatred against Muslims, comes on the back of a massacre in Delhi, which was the result of people protesting against the anti-Muslim citizenship law. Under the cover of COVID-19 the government is moving to arrest young students, to fight cases against lawyers, against senior editors, against activists and intellectuals. Some of them have recently been put in jail”, she added.

Roy claimed the government was exploiting the virus in a tactic reminiscent of one used by the Nazis during the Holocaust. “The whole of the organization, the RSS to which Modi belongs, which is the mother ship of the BJP , has long said that India should be a Hindu nation. Its ideologues have likened the Muslims of India to the Jews of Germany. And if you look at the way in which they are using COVID, it was very much like typhus was used against the Jews to get ghettoize them, to stigmatize them”, Roy said in the interview.


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