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International terrorist outfit Al Qaeda asks Indian Muslims to wage ‘jihad’ against India

The International militant outfit Al Qaeda has came with a statement against India. The al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has asked the Muslims in India to wage a jihad against the country. The group in a statement released has raised this demand.

The global terrorist group has asked Indian Muslims and scholars to join hands with them. The organization also asked the Indian Muslims to wage jihad against India to defend against what it described as discrimination and genocide.

The Indian intelligence agencies has hinted that the statement by the group reveals an unusual synergy between the global jihadist group and Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence in building a narrative that accuses India of discrimination against minorities.

“We have been tracking the social media campaign right from the start and have identified the 2,794 Twitter handles that have played the most active role to carry out this information warfare. We have been able to trace every hashtag that has been created to target India or the government over the rights of Muslims and every one of them took us to an account in Pakistan. Some well-meaning people in India also get taken in by this campaign, quite like some people in the Gulf without realizing the big picture,”said a top Indian intelligence  official.




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