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Killer invention of Columbian company for Covid patients shocks the world

A Columbian company had come with a unique idea of a bed for Covid patients which shocked the world. The main feature of the Covid bed is that it can be converted to a coffin readily if the patient laid on it dies. Though the idea of a handy coffin is appreciated for easing the Covid protocols, patients are shocked to be treated on a bed which could be folded to their coffin any time.

The new bed invented by ‘ABC Display’, was featured in several social media platforms hailing the stand out the invention.The company promotional videos were shot with the cooperation of a private clinic and its medical staff who explain the ease of transporting the dead body and reducing the risk of contagion by the morgue.

The cardboard bed with metal railings will cost about 80 US dollars and weighs 150 Kilos. Company manager Rodolfo Gómez said he was inspired to find a way to help after watching events unfold recently in nearby Ecuador. He also claimed that the invention is a single shot solution for the shortage of beds and body bags in Covid hospitals.


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