Pregnant cow’s jaw blown off by explosive: See video

A video of a pregnant cow injured after eating firecrackers  wrapped in wheat flour has been viral social media. The incident took place in Himachal Pradesh.  The owner of the cow Gurdiyal Singh has accused that his neighbor Nandlal fed the cow with  explosives.

The incident has occurred on May 26. As per police the cow’s mouth was blown off after she consumed wheat flour in which firecrackers were wrapped. “An allu bomb kept inside the wheat flour ball was fed to the animal. It went off in its mouth when chewed,” said a police official.

In the video shared online, it can be seen that the mouth of the pregnant cow has been injured very badly with a lot of blood oozing out of her mouth. He said that the cow was injured after she was fed firecrackers, which exploded in her mouth.

The Himachal Pradesh Police has registered a case under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. ”





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