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Twitter deactivated Amul’s account over anti-China post,restores later

The Twitter account of Amul has been suspended by micro-blogging site Twitter over an anti-China post. Later the account was restored.

Amul has earlier shared a post on social media with ‘Exit the dragon’ in an apparent reference to the Chinese military entering Indian territory. In  the Amul girl is shown in a confrontation with a dragon, behind which a logo of the Chinese video-sharing mobile application TikTok could also be seen.

“Amul’s twitter account @amul_coop was temporarily deactivated on the late night of 4th June after our Amul Topical on “Boycott of Chinese Products” with the copy “Exit the Dragon?” 3rd June 2020. This happened without prior intimation to us.’’“On the morning of 5th June, we complied with the process to reactivate our account and we were live. Our followers were not able to see the above mentioned topical on due to deactivation and they came out in support of Amul and were upset with this behavior of Twitter”, said Amul.

“ We have taken up with Twitter to know the reasons of their action. Amul Topical started in 1966 and since then 1st topical has been an observer of events/moments local, national and international. Our Amul Moppet which features in our Amul Topical has reported these various events which have an impact on the live of people. Amul Topicals are a chronicler of events/moments worldwide from the elections of PMs and Presidents, Brexit, lockdown due to COVID-19, sports events, movies to 1st time airing of Ramayana and Mahabharat in 1987 and 1989 to even events like Emergency in India in 1976.,” the company said.

“Safety and security of the accounts is a key priority for us and to ensure an account has not been compromised sometimes we require the account owner to complete a simple reCAPTCHA process. This is easy for authentic account owners to solve, but difficult (or costly) for spammy or malicious account owners to complete. Once the account clears this security step the account regains full access. To protect the accounts we routinely require them to clear this security key for login verification, said the Twitter Spokesperson.


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