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Dead bodies piling up at Hyderabad’s Gandhi hospital,Morgue in complete chaos

The disgruntled medical staff of Hyderabad’s Gandhi hospital are all berserk as dead bodies pile up at the morgue and hospital beds.As the lone Covid-19 hospital in Hyderabad,the hospital staff are brimming close to a breakdown- often steering away from the angry relatives venting their anger on to them.

The relatives wait endlessly, others plead or argue with the authorities to release the body quickly.The administration has started to paste a color photograph of the deceased on top of the body bag to make identification easier, as the morgue is full with dead bodies.The delay in each step of the dispatch of the dead body under Covid protocol consumes much time causing anguish to the relatives.Beside many of the staff at the morgue also contracted the virus-apparently during handling of the corpse,which creates panic among the staffs.

”Presently, staff from different departments and even security personnel are being made to work at the mortuary. The responsibility of the team dealing with the funeral start only after the body is placed in the ambulance,” hospital authorities said.

Meanwhile, the bodies keep piling up and the rush at the mortuary increases. There is no time specified for release of the body and this leads to chaos throughout the day. If the venue for cremation of two or more deceased happen to be close to each other, then the bodies are released at the same time, which is convenient for body transporters. But this could lead to more waiting time as both bodies would not be ready at the same time.

It takesĀ  four to five hours to shift the body to the mortuary from the ward. After making an entry about the arrival into the morgue, it is packed one by one using disinfectants and other chemicals to arrest the virus from spreading.

Cases of misplaced body deliveries have also become common.In an incident,the body of Rasheed Khan was mistakenly given to another family who cremated the body.Later the mistake surfaced causing a scuffle as the interchanged bodies were strikingly similar in the pasted photograph.

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