Kerala police issues strict warning for those skipping quarantine

Kerala police will take strict action against those who trick the authorities for avoiding the 14 day quarantine.The state police chief Loknath Behra taking orders from CM Pinarayi Vijayan urged all district police chiefs to take strict action against such persons who violate their travel plan.

It came to the state administrations notice that some tricksters in order to avoid quarantine break the travel plan and alight the train before their pre-destined station arrives.They then travel to the desired location in private vehicles.The CMs pointer was to an incident which happened in Pathanamthitta where a woman from Bengaluru came for a medical emergency at a hospital. After her death, the relatives admitted that she had come from Bengaluru. The entire hospital, where she did her angioplasty, had to be shut till her result came back as negative.

Kerala police will collaborate with railway authorities to trap the tricksters and take punitive action. Apart from these Highway police and all control rooms are driven to high alert to ensure all coming to the state by air or train visiting their relatives while in room quarantine.


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