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Covid-19 Updates: Death toll due to coronavirus crosses 60,000 in Brazil

In the last 24 hours around 1000 deaths due to coronavirus reported in the Latin American country, Brazil. The death toll in country which continues to be worst hit by the pandemic has crossed 60,000.

Brazil has suffered the largest number of daily deaths globally for the last week, and is the second-worst affected nation in the world for both cases and fatalities after the United States.

With more than 46,000 new cases, the country with a population of 212 million now has 1.44 million people infected.

The largest number of deaths have been in the most populous state, Sao Paulo, with 14,700, followed by Rio de Janeiro, with more than 10,000. Rio’s death rate of 584 per million inhabitants is more than twice the national average of 284. The north-eastern state Ceara has been even worse hit with 673 deaths per million.


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