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Health and Life : Know some myths related to homosexuality

There is no confirmation yet of the claims of those who are supposed to ‘treat’ gay people. People can stop having sex with people of their gender, but by doing so there is no way to change their mood. Institutions such as the American Psychological Organization publicize that gay people are not ill and do not need any treatment.

Gay and Lesbian Couples Can’t Be Parents: People who do not recognize same-sex marriages and gay rights claim that gay people are not as good parents as others. But research conducted a few years ago shows that gay couples are also capable of performing the duties of being parents like any other couple.

Pedophiles (having sex with children) are homosexual: There is no correlation between sexual orientation and physical attraction to children. Research has shown that more than 90% of the cases of physical rape of children involved their family members or other close people, whether gay or heterosexual.

Gay people are asexual: There is no strong argument to support this. By being gay, you may be in a long-term relationship with one person or may be associated with more than one person. But what does this matter have to do with sexuality? This can be the truth of any person.

AIDS is linked to homosexuality: AIDS is the cause of a virus that spreads to others through an infected person, irrespective of their sexual orientation. Therefore the risk of spreading AIDS from gay and heterosexual will be the same. The number of infected heterosexuals is much more.

Homosexuality is unnatural because all animals are heterosexual: No, It is not so. Animals also have gay sex. A recent research shows that giraffes, penguins, etc. can also have homozygous behavior. In both humans and animals, sex is not just for having children.


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