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Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death : Forensic expert makes some shocking revelations

MUMBAI: The Sushant Singh Rajput case is been taking more twists and new revelations are coming to light.

As per media reports, the ceiling fan on which the actor allegedly hung himself to death was not bent much, a forensic expert revealed during a sting operation conducted by a news channel.

When the foresic experts were asked whether there is anything suspicious discovered that needs to be further investigated, they said that they didn’t find any blood stains. He also admitted that there were several lapses by the investigation team.

He added that nail samples weren’t collected and that the latch of Sushant’s bedroom door was broken. These are stunning revelations.

In a video shared by a news portal, we could see the reporter asking the forensic expert if there’s anything suspicious that they have discovered and it needs to be further investigated. To which, the expert said, “So, there was a diary and some of its pages were torn. You know, the pages….so, the first page had the name of the deceased and then 3-4 pages were missing. And we could not make out what was this… what was torn… who might have torn… who might have taken it… that we cannot say, but we noticed this and we mentioned it in our report also. Rest, we did not find any blood stains, neither was the fan bending too much.” During the same sting, he admitted to several lapses by the investigation team.

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