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Indian-origin man accepts his guilt for damaging Cisco’s network…

New York:  A 30-year old man of Indian-origin has pleaded guilty for intentionally accessing the protected computer of an information-technology firm and running a code which led to the deletion of 16,000 accounts and heavy losses for the company in 2018.

Sudhish Kasaba Ramesh pleaded guilty in the federal court of San Jose, California. He was charged last month with intentionally accessing a protected computer without authorisation. Ramesh admitted for intentionally accessing Cisco Systems’ cloud infrastructure that was hosted by Amazon Web Services without Cisco’s permission. Ramesh worked for Cisco and resigned in April 2018.

Ramesh admitted that he deployed a code from his cloud project account that resulted in the deletion of 456 virtual machines for the IT company’s application, which provided video meetings, video messaging, file sharing, and other functions. Over 16,000 accounts were shut down for up to two weeks, and caused the company to spend approximately USD 1,400,000 in employee time to restore the damage to the application and refund over USD 1,000,000 to affected customers.


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