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Hilarious!!!This description of ‘bhel puri’ will remind you of Maya Sarabhai…

If you’ve watched Sarabhai vs Sarabhai then you’re sure to remember how Maya always used to poke fun of her daughter-in-law Monisha for her “middle-class” behaviour. She always tried to explain things in a “sophisticated” way. This tweet by Harsh Goenka explaining bhal puri may just remind you of the character and also may make you say “Oh! This is so Maya style.”


When a 5-star hotel waiter describes bhel puri like Maya, you are definitely going to feel like Monisha. The tweet which has gone viral has collected more than 1,700 likes. While most viewers were left in splits, others joked how we pay more for the fancy descriptions of food items.

One user asked, “Was that waiter by any chance a student of Shashi Tharoor?!?” Another wrote, “I think we pay for their English classes along with the food, at 5 star hotels.” “Now I need to hear the description of a samosa,” said a Twitter user and we would love to read that too. Journalist Madhavan Narayanan came up with an explanation, guess what it is. “Wait till you taste crispy fried elongated rice pancakes with gently garnished mashed potato fillings served with spicy lentil soup and coconut -and-pepper dip,” he tweeted.

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