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They sleep under water and can hold breath for hours….Know more about these creatures…

Let’s know more about the seals that live underwater and on land equally…

* It is estimated that there are more than 30 seal species worldwide. The Caspian seals are the smallest seals in the world. They can live in water and on land and move through the water with limbs similar to those of small fragments, belonging to the genus Pinnipidia. Seals live mainly in the Arctic and Antarctic, and are also found in the tropics.

* Elephant seals are the giants in this group. Among them are those who travel miles through the water for food. They can jump very deep and stay there for hours. They are carnivores and feed mainly on fish and small birds. These warm-blooded creatures have a layer of fat under their skin and can swim easily even in ice water because they have this layer that helps keep the body warm. In addition, the short hairs attached to the body help them to move faster through the water.

* Their main enemies are sharks and killer whales. They also come ashore to escape from them. These creatures have with excellent eyesight. Seals are creatures that can live up to 30 years. Female seals live longer than males.

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