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Newborn named after Telecom company to get this offer…

A swiss couple named their baby daughter after a telecom company to avail free internet services for 18 years. The couple named their baby daughter Twifia, after the company Twifi, which had put up an advertisement promising 18 years of free internet service to anyone who would name their child after their company.

The Swiss internet provider had said that free service would be provided to any family that would name its newborn Twifius if it is a boy and Twifia if it is a girl. The free service would be provided until the child comes of age. To avail the free internet service, the parents of the newborn named after them will have to upload a copy of the birth certificate on the Twifi’s official website.

“We want to remain anonymous to those around us because we don’t want to justify ourselves for it. Because the accusation of having sold our child’s name hit us hard. We are also a little ashamed”, said the child’s father

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