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Awe-inspiring:- Man bags a Guinness World Record by cover himself with over 6 lakh bees

Guinness World Records often takes to Facebook to share such videos of records which are astonishing, shocking, or awe-inspiring. A man named Ruan Liangming made his record involving bees, a lot of them. “Getting a real buzz out of record-breaking – China’s Ruan Liangming loves bees,” the video is shared with this caption about two hours ago.

Liangming successfully created the record for the “Heaviest mantle of bees” back in 2016. Guess how many insects covered his body? It’s over 637,000. The video, since being shared, has also prompted people to share and grab tons of comments. From surprised to terrified, the reactions were varied.“I’m gonna die after watching this clip,” wrote a Facebook user. “Amazing,” said another. “Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope,” expressed a third. “The challenger must keep calm when dealing with bees. Bees will die once they sting you, so they usually avoid stinging unless they think you’re threatening them. If you notice bees are in an ‘unsteady’ mood, you need to figure out the reason quickly or stop the record attempt,” Liangming told Guinness World Records.


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