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Fake tiger ‘PRANK’ on monkeys and dogs….Watch the hilarious video!!!!

A video which shows a man placing a fake tiger next to unsuspecting animals and filming their reaction to it is going viral. In most cases, the animals are startled by the fake tiger, jumping up and running away quickly from the apex predator. In some cases, however, dogs fight back by barking furiously.

The video has gone viral with 4 million views on YouTube and has been widely circulated on other social media platforms as well, collecting hundreds of amused comments.


“Some of these animals have never seen a tiger let alone a big cat. So their reaction must stem from instinct when their ancestors dealt with such threats constantly,” wrote one person. “Nah clearly fake, those monkeys and dogs were paid actors,” another quipped, while a third said, “I love to watch end part after funny moments… thanks for feeding them.”

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