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Netflix to introduce a new feature for the Android app. Know more

Netflix to introduce a new feature for its Android app, that will allow users to set a sleep timer. It will allow the users to stop the video playback automatically after a set time limit. The update appeared during the APK teardown of the Netflix app for Android v7.82.1. The current feature cannot be controlled manually, and it appears when its AI detects no activity from the user after an unspecified time period.

The report suggests that such a feature is still a long way from rolling out widely since there’s very little in terms of code at this stage. It’s also possible that such a feature could be shelved entirely in the meantime, but this hint is the first sign that Netflix is at least thinking on these lines. The report predicts the sleep timer button to be directly available on the Netflix video user interface. The feature would be useful to those Netflix users who often fall asleep while binge-watching shows or during movies with long running time. This update is also under development and was spotted during APK teardown of the Netflix app for Android version 7.79.1.


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