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The vehicle is priced at Rs 39 lakh; the lucky number was auctioned for Rs 34 lakh !!!

The glory of fancy numbers has faded slightly with the introduction of new instructions for numbering vehicles. However, this does not affect the James Bond number 007. Proof of this is that a young man paid the price of the vehicle to get his favorite number 007 in his vehicle.

Ashiq Patel, a native of Gujarat, paid Rs 34 lakh to get the number 007 for the Toyota Fortuner worth around Rs 39 lakh. He owns the GJ 01 WA 007 for his favorite vehicle. Ashiq says that this is his lucky number and that is why he chose this number without looking at the money.

The auction for this number started at Rs 25,000. Later it rose to 25 lakhs. With just seven minutes to go before the auction for the number, Ashiq auctioned the number for Rs 34 lakh.

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