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Woman afraid to drive the car after she got a hilarious spider surprise from her car….

A woman from New South Wales, Australia scared to drive the car after she found a huge, hairy spider on her car. The spider has been nicknamed Christine by the motorist from Armidale. She spotted the spider tucked inside the handle of her passenger car door. Posting photos of the spider to the Facebook page the woman wrote: “Though it was hairy caterpillars at first. Haven’t used my car for a week.”

Some snaps of the huge spider with its long legs spread across the length of the passenger door handle have already attracted the netizens. Reactions were split between horror and intrigue as to how the beastly arachnid earned the name ‘Christine’. The authority states that the best way of keeping spiders away from cars during Australia’s scorching summer months is to avoid parking your car under trees as they are known to nest in leaves. It is also recommended that motorists spray their cars with insect repellent to keep them at bay.

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