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Is this how you eat? That is the reason why food is not digested properly…..Read more!!!

Even those who observe and understand and eat the right amount of food sometimes do not have proper digestion. Here are some factors that affect digestion, not the amount of food.

1) Food that you don’t like: Food that you eat with people you don’t like in a place you don’t like, will not be properly digested.
2) Disorders caused by gas can be due to the obstruction created after having food.
3) Burning during cooking: We avoid burning intentionally during cooking. The recipe itself, like Al Faham Chicken, is grilled, delicious but resist digestion at times.

4) Uncooked food.
5) Food that are very difficult to digest
6) Oil-free
7) Very cold food: Drinking cold water with food can also seriously affect digestion.
8) Unhygienic food
9) Eating with too much water: Eating too much curry.
10) Eating at a time when the mind is affected by feelings of sadness and anger: This also significantly affects the digestive process.

Eating this type of food once in a while does not necessarily cause any problems. But consistently following these habits can have a very detrimental effect on you.


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