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Hindu and Christian women were marketed to China as “concubines” and “forced brides” by Pakistan

A top US diplomat, Samuel Brownback has claimed that Pakistan is marketing Hindu and Christian women as “concubines” and “forced brides” to China.”Religious minorities, Christian and Hindu women, being marketed as concubines and as forced as brides into China”, Brownback told. “That was happening because there’s not effective support and there’s discrimination against religious minorities that make them more vulnerable,” he said.

Once the “forced brides” arrive in China, they are usually kept in isolation, ignored, abused and sold into prostitution. The traffickers target Pakistan’s poverty-stricken Christian population, pay an amount to desperate families to marry off their daughters and sisters to Chinese men. China’s one-child policy causes an acute shortage of women given the cultural preference for boys leading to Chinese men importing women from other countries as brides, mistresses and labourers. Brownback said that “these issues have been raised in private discussions at the government, high government level, and they will continue to get raised”.

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