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Archaeologists found remains of 119 people in the ‘tower of human skulls’. Know more

Mexican archaeologists had found remains of 119 more people from the centuries-old Aztec “tower of skulls” in the heart of the capital. The remains unearthened includes the remainings of women and several children.  The discovered skulls may belonged to captured enemy warriors and that the tower was intended as a warning to rivals of the Aztec empire, which was overthrown by Spanish conquistadors in 1521.

Some of the remains could be of people who were killed in ritual sacrifices to appease the gods. “Although we cannot determine how many of these individuals were warriors, perhaps some were captives set aside for sacrificial ceremonies,” archaeologist Barrera Rodriguez said. The tower is almost 4.7 meters (15.4 feet) in diameter, is thought to have been built around the end of the 15th century.

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