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‘Mysterious’ monolith alert: Two monoliths appeared in Poland after the US, Romania, UK

The latest series of mysteriously appearing monoliths has again astonished people even as two new metal structures seemed in yet another corner of the world, this time in Poland.

A report said, “It is about 2.5-3 meters tall. We don’t know exactly when it appeared, either Tuesday after dark or at dawn…Nobody saw anything. Unfortunately, there is no monitoring in this place.” Warsaw’s Vistula district authorities said, “A mysterious and unusual installation has emerged on the beach on the right bank.”

The first monolith rose and then disappeared mysteriously in a desert in Utah. It was spotted on November 18. Another structure was found in Romania before it appeared atop a mountain in California days later. It was then again found on a beach in the Isle of Wight in England. Naturally, several people want to believe that aliens have been dropping them off to communicate with the human race while others have suggested that they’re more likely some sort of art project, aiming at creating a buzz online. Of course, the anomalies have inspired memes.


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