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Know some tips to practice mindfulness-based stress reduction

Mindfulness and meditation have scientifically been shown to reduce stress, manage anxiety, enhance self-awareness and lengthen your attention span. A new study has also found these practices to be helpful in the management of migraines. In fact, researchers found that mindfulness-based stress reduction mediation exercises could improve migraine outcomes.

Researchers said, “Mindfulness-based stress reduction did not improve migraine frequency more than headache education, as both groups had similar decreases; however, MBSR improved disability, quality of life, self-efficacy, pain catastrophizing, and depression out to 36 weeks, with decreased experimentally induced pain suggesting a potential shift in pain appraisal.”

Wells, the founder and director of the Comprehensive Headache Program at Wake Forest Baptist said, “At a time when opioids are still being used for migraine, finding safe non-drug options with long-term benefit has significant implications.  “Mindfulness may treat the total burden of migraine and could potentially decrease the impact of this debilitating condition. A larger, more definitive study is needed to confirm these findings.”

Migraine is a neurological disease that can be severely debilitating and is the second leading cause of disability worldwide. Meditation has been shown to help relieve stress, increase happiness, and even provide relief from chronic pain.

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