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One in four globally may not receive COVID-19 vaccines until 2022

Researchers said that one in four people would not receive COVID-19 vaccines until 2022, as rich countries with less than 15% of the global population reserved 51% of the doses of The COVID-19 vaccine. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the US said that low and middle-income countries, which account for more than 85% of the world’s population, would have to share the remaining vaccines.

Researchers said that high-income countries need to participate in the equivalent distribution of COVID-19 vaccines worldwide to effectively combat the epidemic. “Uncertainty over global access to COVID-19 vaccines is not only a failure of governments and vaccine manufacturers to maintain greater transparency and accountability in these arrangements but also in the existing clinical examination,” the researchers added.

As of November 15, high-income countries have pre-ordered 7.5 billion doses of vaccines from 13 manufacturers. This includes Japan, Australia and Canada. These countries have reserved 1 billion doses in total, with less than 1% of the current novel coronary virus cases. Researchers said that even if leading vaccine manufacturers reach their maximum production capacity, approximately 25% of the world’s population may have to wait another year or two to get the vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies should share their technology and their likes with the World Health Organization. The People’s Vaccine Alliance said it would help produce more doses.






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