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“Pani-puri langar”; Firemen from Sirsa organises community kitchen at the farmer’s protest zone.

The farmer’s protest at Delhi borders has collected attention from around the world. But except for the bone of conflict between the government and opposing farmers, it is the many heart-warming motions that have been occurring at the zone that have impressed the people. Recently, a team of 21 firemen from the Rania fire station, Sirsa, Haryana, who had arrived at Singhu border to keep the protest began langar of gol gappas at the site after they noticed a child dawdling around the seller without any money to buy the pani-puris while the vendor had hardly made any money with people choosing to eat at langar (community kitchen) at the protest site.

Fireman Surender Kamboj and his friends then determined to present a little Christmas feast for all and purchased the entire supply of gol gappas from the seller, Mohammad Salim, for Rs. 1000, who had gained just 500 in three days. The pop-up gol gappa langar was an instant hit as the whole stock was sold in a sheer half an hour!

The 33-year old Surender Kamboj said that what provoked them to begin the creative langar was the child who kept dawdling around the vendor when asked what he desired to said ‘gol gappa’ but did not have any money to purchase. On the other hand, the ‘gol gappa’ seller had not acquired anything as people have been eating at ‘langars’ (community kitchen). “He could sell his stock and we got a possibility to do ‘Sewa’ (service). It was a win-win circumstance for everybody,” said Ravindra Kumar, Mr. Kamboj’s colleague. The reflexive action of the firemen impressed everyone around including the protesting farmers.

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