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2020 has made history as the ‘Year of Disasters’….

London: 2020 has witnessed many tragedies, including the Covid epidemic. Many in this generation commented that it was the saddest and most difficult year that the Covid outbreak had ever been, with the whole world in horror. But not so; Historians say 2020 was not the worst year in the world.

Historians say there have been years that have sown more catastrophe than 2020. It even points to a list of the most devastating years in the world. Historians say 1348 was the worst year in history. That same year, the Black Death pandemic killed more than 200 million people worldwide. That’s an estimated 65 percent of the current U.S. population.

1944 was the second worst year during World War II. This was the year that Jews were massacred in Holocaust prisons. In 1816, millions of people starved in Indonesia. All in all, 2020 ranks sixth. The list is based on data collected from 28 historians, led by British historian Philip Parker.

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