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Protesters in Delhi eating chicken biryani to “spread the bird-flu pandemic”; BJP leader says

The furious farmers’ unrest around the national capital could lead to a nationwide bird flu difficulty after the protesters are consuming chicken biriyani to spread the pandemic, a BJP legislator from Rajasthan has said. In a video making the series on social media, Ramganj Mandi MLA Madan Dilawar is also seen stating that those who are planning to produce such a mess in the country could be “terrorists, robbers, and thieves”.  Hitting the farmer protesters, Mr. Dilawar says in the video that the protesting farmers aren’t providing a concept to the nation or its people. The objection is only a picnic, he says.

“They are merely enjoying biryani. They are eating dry fruits. They are relishing it in all forms. They are transforming their looks constantly. There could be many rebels amongst them. Thieves and looters, too. They could be the opponents of farmers,” Mr. Dilawar says.

“I suspect that if the government does not eliminate them in the next few days, either by appealing or by use of oppression, then the nation will view the difficulty of bird flu,” he said. Mr. Dilawar’s remarks ignited strong objections from federal opponents and otherwise. Rajasthan Congress chief Govind Singh Dotasra, for example, said yesterday that these comments “showcase the BJP’s thinking”.Referring to the comments as “shameful”, Mr. Dotasra tweeted asking, “Are you calling this movement of the food-providers, of those who feed you, a picnic, and responsible for bird flu?”

Thousands of farmers from Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan have been stationed in the borders of Delhi in weak conditions for the past many weeks. They have been objecting against three lately-introduced farm laws observed to be dangerous to them. While many aides and NGOs have moved in to support the protesters with food, water, shelter, and sanitation, many farmer organizations themselves have been securing stocks such as food grain, oil, and biscuits.

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Earlier, visuals had been circled on social media asserting that the farmers were enjoying biriyani at the objection places around Delhi. The radicals have also been called “Khalistanis” by critics. The Rajasthan MLA’s remarks come at a time when many states in the nation, such as Kerala, Rajasthan, and Haryana have proclaimed an outbreak of avian flu.





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