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Visa expired expatriates will be denied entry for 3 years ; Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: Expatriates whose visas have expired will not be able to return to Saudi Arabia for three years, according to the Directorate General of Passports or Saudi Javasat. Javasat said this in response to several inquiries related to this.

This restriction applies to those who return home on an exit and re-entry visa and are unable to return to Saudi Arabia before the visa expires. They will have to wait three years to return to Saudi Arabia. At the same time, Javasat said the restriction does not apply to those who come to work under an earlier sponsor on a new work visa.

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Many expatriates were stranded in Saudi Arabia before the expiration of their visas due to the cancellation of flights and travel bans following the Kovid plague. According to Javasat, if the visa expires at home, they can enter the country only after the next three years.


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