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Big blow to Pakistan from China, China gives unauthorized and substandard vaccine to Pakistan….

Karachi: China has given Pakistan an unauthorized vaccine, but Pakistan has not been able to react against India despite the world-famous reputation of the vaccine. China has slammed Pakistan over the Covid vaccine. It is reported that China has handed over unlicensed and substandard vaccine to Pakistan.

China had said it would supply sinopharm vaccine to Pakistan. Pakistan has demanded 11 lakh doses of vaccine. Pakistan believed China’s offer of a five lakh dose first and the rest later. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that China has promised to deliver the vaccine. China gave the first five lakh doses it said it would give. After receiving the first dose, Pakistan approached China again asking for more doses. But things did not go as planned. This was a major setback for Pakistan, which was preparing to launch the first round of Covid vaccination in the country.

The Pakistani government has said it will give priority to health workers in the first phase of immunization. The fact is that the five lakh doses received so far are not enough even for health workers. Pakistan will need more time to inject large-scale defense, as has been done in other countries, including India. The Covid vaccine, provided by India as part of its vaccine diplomacy, has already begun to be vaccinated in Bangladesh. Pakistan can only turn a blind eye to this.

Pakistan, financially bankrupt, cannot afford to buy vaccines from other countries. Moreover, the country does not have the technology to keep the vaccine at a low temperature. So Pakistan can now rely only on the Chinese vaccine, which can be stored at two to eight degrees Celsius. Other vaccines should be stored at -70 C.

That being the case, the government has no idea how people will react to vaccinations. The majority of Pakistanis are turning their backs on even polio vaccines.

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