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Arthur, their ‘Four-legged-hero’ finally dies; human siblings in agony

No doubt that dogs are synonyms of love and sacrifice. We are familiar with many stories in which dogs even gave their lives to save their ‘masters’. Here comes the story of Arthur, a”four-legged hero” who sacrificed his life to save two children from a venomous snake.

Arthur is a cat who was playing in the backyard with his human siblings. It is then the feline spotted danger slithering around. And it was one of the most deadliest snakes, an eastern brown snake.

All of a sudden Arthur jumped into action to protect her human siblings. He killed the venomous snake but received a fatal snake bite. Arthur collapsed and quickly recovered. Family forgot to notice what happened with Arthur amid all the chaos to take away their children from the backyard.

The next day too Arthur collapsed and he was unable to get up. Arthur’s human siblings noted this and rushed him to the hospital in Tanawha. There the vets found Arthur’s symptoms too severe to recover.

The venom of the eastern brown snake is ranked the second most toxic in the world. According to Australian Geographic, it is known for its agility, aggressiveness and bad temper.  The venom can cause progressive paralysis and stop the blood from clotting. This leads to the collapse of the victim within moments of the bite.

Arthur’s human siblings are really sad and disappointed to hear that their hero is no more. “His family, understandably devastated, remember him fondly and are forever grateful he saved the children’s lives. Arthur was always getting into mischief; he had previously visited us before having been in accidents and was very much loved by our team,” the Animal Emergency Service said.


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