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New eco-friendly restaurant built in Ahmedabad…

Turmeric and soil and recycled jute. This is how an entire hotel is built. No wonder, this eco-friendly hotel is a called ‘Mitti Ki Rang’ in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The restaurant was built by The Grid (tHE gRID Architects) in Ahmedabad.

There is also a reason for naming it ‘Mitti Ki Rang’ or the color of the soil. The owner of this hotel adopted this name in honor of all the potters in Kumbhar. The owner, Milan Prajapati, is a member of the Ahmedabad-based Kushwa community. Therefore, ‘Mitti Ki Rang’ was also his dream project.

The plastering of the building was done with turmeric, mud and jute. This golden plaster fills the entire building with a natural scent. This eco-friendliness has reduced construction costs by 50%. The building did not have to be given any other color due to the color of the soil. The construction cost of the 3,250 sq ft building is Rs 25 lakh.

The interior of the building is designed by Milan’s workers. The interior is made of terracotta tableware, unfired clay vessels and wood. The ceiling and furniture are also made of recycled wood. The flooring is made of local ceramic tiles. Jute lampshades are made for providing lights.


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