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Adidas launches “World’s longest shoes” ; Cyber-citizens questions the intention

Adidas is one of the leading shoe brands in the world. There are various types of shoes for different requirements in the Adidas range. Meanwhile, Adidas smiled at Estonian rapper Tommy Cash when he asked he wanted the longest shoe in the world. But five months later, Adidas arrived with the world’s longest shoe.

The world’s longest shoe is in the Adidas Superstar collection series. The shoe for both feet comes in two colors. The shoes for the left foot are white and the shoes for the right foot are black. Forty rows of holes are pierced in the shoe for about 1 meter in length to tie the shoelace. Tommy Cash himself has shared pictures of himself wearing unusual shoes made by Adidas for himself on Instagram. Many of the responses are in the form of why Adidas did such a tough hand. Many people wonder over the secret behind this shoe is whether it is a shoe that maintains social distance or not. “This shoe is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in my life. I hope the Adidas company will release the person who designed it,” a Twitter user wrote.

Although the world’s longest shoe is from Adidas, last year the shoe that trained us to maintain a social distance moved viral. The shoe is created by Gregory Lap, a Romanian who specializes in shoemaking. Gregory, who was walking in the Transylvanian city of Cluj, recognized that the widespread majority of people who came to the market did not maintain a social distance. With this evolved the idea of ??a shoe that cemented social distance. Gregory Lap made his special shoe longer than the front of the shoe for the toes.

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The Gregory Lap special shoe is available in European size 75. “If two people wearing these shoes face each other, there will be about a meter and a half between them.” Gregory Lap, who has been marketing ready-made shoes at a store called Laps Shop since 2001.

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