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Hungarian chocolatier created vaccine bunnies for Easter. Take a look

After masked Santa Claus in Christmas, the focus is now on the chocolate rabbits holding the syringe. These chocolate rabbits were made by the famous Hungarian chef Laszlo Rimoczi. Made with Italian chocolate, it is decorated with silver food coloring. If Rimo’s chocolate Santa has a mask, these rabbits don’t have a mask.
By the time Corona arrived, Rimos’ business was in big trouble.

The mask prepared for Christmas was a huge hit with Santa Claus. In addition to holding the vaccine, Rimoczi also prepares common rabbits. This chocolate experiment is close to Easter. “There is no filling in the vaccines at all, it is just 100% good quality Italian milk or dark chocolate,” Rimoczi said as he molded the chocolate vaccines in his small workshop in Lajosmizse, 70 km (45 miles) south of Budapest. “For those who think … I will ruin the good mood of children at Easter, I can do bunnies without vaccines as an alternative,” Rimoczi added.


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