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“Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is trying to fool the people of the state” ; Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala

Thiruvananthapuram: At a time when Sabarimala has repeatedly held center focus in an election, Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala has claimed that Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is attempting to deceive the people of the state on the subject. Chennithala also said there endures a strong anti-incumbency feeling against the LDF government. People want change and they will definitely vote the UDF to power, he said.

There is a great anti-incumbency surge against the LDF government. Reports to the opposite are creations of PR agencies and paid data. All this discussion of LDF retorting to control is far from ground fact. People in the state need change and they will vote for the UDF. The LDF has given free ration and has also offered a further surge in welfare pension. the UDF too realized its potential and is that the cause a hike in welfare pension notices mention in the UDF manifesto. It should not be seen as insignificant distribution of freebies. We require to address the genuine demands of the people and that’s why we have ensured enhanced welfare pension. Besides, the NYAY scheme offered in the UDF manifesto will be a game-changer in the state.

He said, “I am not ready for any speculation at this juncture but I can very confidently say that we will get a comfortable majority to form the next government.”Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said the Sabarimala verdict will be executed after bringing all stakeholders into the trust. The chief minister is attempting to deceive the people of the state. Why hasn’t he taken everyone into confidence before? If the chief minister was sincere, he should have given a revised affidavit in the Supreme Court supporting the faith of believers. Religious activities are in the Concurrent List and both the Centre and the state can pass legislation on it. We are determined on affirming that course to protect customs and beliefs associated with the Sabarimala temple. Every community is keen on protecting its faiths and beliefs. Besides, Sabarimala is a secular place of worship and everybody is interested in protecting its customs and traditions. The Sabarimala issue has a universal appeal cutting across caste and religious lines.”

He also said that “It’s our duty to make the people aware of the LDF government’s scams. One of the major talking points of my Aishwarya Kerala Yatra was the development and a prosperous Kerala. It is only the UDF that has always focussed on the development and implemented it effectively.”When asked, The LDF is facing the election with Pinarayi Vijayan as its captain. But when it comes to the UDF, people are confused about who its captain is, he replied that “The Congress does not finalize its CM candidate in advance. So, it will have no impact on our spirited and united campaign. The high command will decide the chief minister in consultation with the elected MLAs.”

Talking about the candidate finalizing in Nemom, he said”There was no confusion regarding the candidate in Nemom. We have fielded K Muraleedharan, one of the senior leaders of the party, and we are very confident of wresting the seat from the BJP. The High Command did not ask anyone to contest in Nemom. The state leadership decided the candidate. Regarding the CM’s post, anyone can be a contender but it is for the High Command to take a final decision.

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He concluded by talking about the huge protests following the announcement of candidates dented the image of the Congress.”What about the so-called disciplined party, the CPM? We saw so many processions and unprecedented protests in that party too. The Congress is a family where each member is free to express his or her sentiments and it is a part of our democratic tradition. But now, we are all united to fight the election,” He said.

Source; Indian Express


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