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“Healthy comfort food for menstrual cramps”; 7th grader launches innovative brand

Women around the world experience intense cramps, loss of energy, and irritability when they are on their menstrual cycle, every month. In an ideal world, they would have a way to something with which they would not only be prepared to provide their reserves but also strengthen and their taste buds. But as it endures today, menstruation lasts to be restricted. In India, many young girls and women do not have a way to sanitary products and are not even mindful of proper menstrual hygiene. Such is the stigma attached to periods that any inconvenience faced during a cycle, is considered in a hushed mode.

When 12-year-old Ayraah Lodha, a student of Ascend International School, got her period, she recognized the Indian market lacked a product that could be a nutritional supplement, and with which a woman could also improve her mood. It moreover got her thinking if she could produce something about it. Thus, the seventh-standard girl placed her entrepreneurial talents to work and launched High5, a nutritious granola brand. The girl did intense research on products that could assist with period pains as well as foods that are mood enhancers and settle these together to form the granola brand.

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The journey was simply not easy. Ayraah had to interview a sample collection of about 100 women. She discovered that while 87.5 percent of them have felt mood swings during menstrual cycles, 79.2 percent experience period cramps, and 100 percent want and require a product like the one she had envisioned.
Based on her study, she managed food items that are rich in iron, like dates, as well as natural mood enhancers like dark chocolate, to produce a product that is explicit to the menstrual cycle of women. In an interaction, Ayraah talked about her journey of transforming as an entrepreneur and breaking menstrual stereotypes. Her mother Vinti Lodha, an advisor at Lodha Luxury, shared her pleasure of seeing her child grow up and work towards something she is so passionate about.


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