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Study ; “Yogurt can weaken Cytokine attack in COVID-19 patients”

Innovative research by Israeli scientists has discovered that yogurt can moderate cytokine disturbances in COVID-19 patients by obstructing transfer between cells. One of the vast secrets of the novel coronavirus is why it makes only mild infection in most people, but transforms deadly for others. In many cases, it seems the worst harm may be sent by a disordered immune reply to the disease, rather than the disease itself.

In many of the infected patients with COVID-19, their blood is growing with high levels of immune system proteins called cytokines. Scientists consider these cytokines are a sign of an immune response called a cytokine storm, where the body starts to attack its cells and tissues rather than just fighting off the virus.

How Yogurt can mitigate Cytokine Storms; Yogurt is a fermented probiotic dairy drink. Molecules in this fermented probiotic drink seem to alleviate cytokine storm which is the major cause of Covid-19 death. It is made by injecting milk with microorganism mixtures. These probiotics in yogurt are recognized to contribute many other benefits like adjusting the side effects of antibiotics and comforting tummy problems.

People have depended on yogurt’s possible advantages for years. In India and many other nations, it is a traditional beverage consumed every day with meals. These molecules can resist pathogenic bacteria and prevent communication between cells. This procedure can be agreeing to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Researchers have been perceiving these molecules and have isolated them. They discovered that these molecules also lessened the virulence of vibrio cholera that generates cholera.

These molecules are prevented in the group of bacterial biofilms that provide towards the rise of the disease. The applicability of kefir-secreted molecules came as a surprise. They do not only ease the cytokine storm but also rebuild the immune system’s stability.

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“These results are notable since this is the first demonstration that virulence of human pathogenic bacteria can be mitigated by molecules secreted in probiotic milk products, such as yogurt or kefir,” said Prof. Raz Jelinek, vice president and dean for research & development at BGU. The research irradiates for the first time a mechanism by which milk-fermented probiotics can defend against pathogenic infections and aid the immune system.


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