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“Violence, loot, rape & assault” ; Mamata Banerjee took oath as the West Bengal CM with a “Stunning Silence”

Kolkata: On Wednesday, TMC chief Mamata Banerjee was sworn in as the West Bengal Chief Minister for the third progressive time in the presence of West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar.It’s no mystery that he has had a tense connection with the Trinamool Congress leader.

The landslide success against the principal opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the greatest achievement for the Trinamool Congress after the 2011 elections when the TMC managed to seize the 34-year long reign of the Left Front. Even in the 2016 assembly elections, the TMC broke both BJP and the Left-Congress union. The state is passing through its hardest difficulty since Partition. Reports are flooding in from all over where retributive post-election tumult is widespread.

There is firing, plunder, rape of women, traumatizing children, demolition of property, homes, shops, and offices by workers, and elements of the law administration. All these are only to aim those who have assisted in the current election to the Opposition party. There are horrifying disturbances of candidates’ residences being damaged and remarkably evil practices being given out even to women who appeared to have been running the booth. What is most saddening is while all this was taking place there was astounding silence by the chief minister. Not one solid action was taken.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee handles the Election Commission accountable for law and order. The chief minister on this peer could not have been more wrong. It is shocking and painful that she took the defense that it was the Election Commission of India’s obligation. Her attitude has no Constitutional, legal, or factual premise. She possessed the same authority which she held before the (Election Commission’s) Model Code of Conduct came into being. Because the Model Code of Conduct was raised on May 3rd at noon.

There is a formal announcement in the public realm, everyone should be aware of it. So her exerting a position that her inaction can be comprised by this form is flawed. Soon after the ‘swearing-in service, West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar transmitted out a clear message to the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee over the post-poll violence in West Bengal.“In our constitution, the law has the highest position and we should maintain that. We should immediately take necessary action and send relief to the victims’ families. The Chief Minister should rise above the party lines to help people during the crisis,” claimed Dhankhar.

#Bengal has a story of post-poll violence. Grievously, there is some sort of recognition. Even before the judgment, the regime is well conscious that disorder would explode. This time the constituent means was relatively far less severe except for the post-poll disorder. There are stories that it is composed with evil impulse, to broadcast a message that anyone protesting the ruling party, or supporting the Opposition by becoming a candidate, a booth manager, or a voter will have to meet the outcomes by way of demolition of his property, abuse of womenfolk and life. So in the watch of a landslide success, they hold the ruling administration accountable for the violence in the districts.

Transpiring by the situation that no measures were taken. It is distanced from Constitutional directions and rule of law. It is unreasonably confrontationist to the central government at the value of the claims of the people. The bureaucracy has gone beyond being politicized. Public servants have shifted frontline political workers overlooking all their duties in law.

All these circumstances taken together have formed a state, a level above a police state. There is so much concern people have. The vastness of it is to an intensity that they worry to even speak about fear. Meanwhile, Mamata Banerjee alleged that the Election Commission (EC) had taken the charge of West Bengal for the last three months and there was little she could do.

“My first duty is to curb the pandemic. I will also be addressing post-poll violence. I have just taken the oath and for the last three months I could not do anything,” declared the TMC Supremo. Later, talking to the media, Governor Dhankhar slammed TMC chief Mamata Banerjee and disputed that how can she remain quiet as after the election result on May 2, she could end the violence that claimed at least 14 lives and also left several injured. After Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee received ‘Guard of Honor’ at Nabanna. The Chief Minister had produced controls to the police officials that they should rigidly hold the violence in West Bengal.

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Though, the vote critics believe that it is odd that the Governor right after the ‘oath-taking ceremony’ slammed Mamata Banerjee for the post-poll violence across West Bengal. It is appropriate to consider that TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee, who lost from Nandigram notwithstanding the astounding TMC success, will have to get elected to the assembly within six months of assuming office. Those engaged in serving the country as per Constitutional demands if they are so treated, the message is loud and clear there is no trust in democracy. It is the most dangerous form of oppressive behavior. There is total anarchy and lawlessness. Imagine for a moment the Election Commission of India in its wisdom positions some officials to engage in the solemn activity of election duty and what has the government done yesterday? All have been targeted.









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