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‘China must pay. They must pay’: Former US President Donald Trump

New York: Former US President Donald Trump has asked the US administration and all other countries in the world to demand reparations from China for the severe damage the coronavirus infection has caused to the world. The former US President raised this demand while addressing the North Carolina Republican Convention.

“The time has come for America and the world to demand reparations and accountability from the Communist Party of China. We should all declare within one voice that China must pay. They must pay,” said Trump.

.”In addition, all nations should work together to present China for a bill of minimum USD 10 trillion to compensate for the damage they have caused and that is a very low number, the damage is far far greater. As a first step, all countries should collectively cancel any debt that they owe to China as a down-payment on reparations,” he added.

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Trump also asked the US government to impose a 100 percent tariff on all Chinese products. He also accused that the present US administration headed by Joe Biden has shut down the investigation to find out the origin of coronavirus.

“The nations of the world should no longer owe money to China. China has destroyed so many nations… China should owe money to the nations of the world… These nations have been destroyed.,” Trump added.

“Joe Biden and his family took millions of dollars from the CCP. They bought him off, they fragrantly lied about it to American voters… the big tech and fake news media did not want to talk about it,” Trump accused.


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