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Priyanka shares old interview with Biles after gymnast withdraws from Tokyo Olympics

Priyanka Chopra shared an old interview she did with gymnast Simone Biles, who just withdrew from the current Tokyo Olympics due to mental health concerns.

Priyanka Chopra shared a video of herself with Simone Biles on Instagram. The clip is from her YouTube Originals Special, If I Could Tell You Just One Thing. In the video, the two are seen in a playground talking about Simone’s problems.

Priyanka asked her about ‘the expectation of constantly kind of being flawless’ throughout the interview. Simone’s response was, ‘I feel like that’s the hardest part of my career. I don’t want to say job because I chose to do it, but I feel like always meeting people’s needs, every single day, all the time is probably the hardest thing that I go through.’

When she fails to match the expectations and demands, Priyanka asks whether it crushes her. Simone replied: ‘Yes. I feel like if I don’t meet their needs and I failed. Even at the Olympics everybody wanted me to win six golds or this or that and I didn’t meet those needs and I was really down on myself especially after the beam. Even though I still medalled, everyone was like, ‘Well, what the heck is a bronze?’

‘What?’ Priyanka interjected, ‘After you won four golds?’ Simone said, ‘Yeah, they weren’t satisfied. But it’s four inches wide. It’s like, it’s scary.’

She stated, when it comes to coping with pressure, ‘Therapy. Therapy is everything. I feel like nowadays if you say you’re going to therapy nobody questions it anymore. But before if I said ‘I’m going to therapy’, ‘well are you going to a cuckoo doctor?’

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With video, Priyanka wrote on Instagram: ‘Role model, Champion… @simonebiles I had the joy of getting to know @simonebiles a few years ago, and she blew me away then with her vulnerability and self-awareness. Simone, yesterday we were reminded why you are truly the GOAT, and why nothing supersedes taking care of ourselves…body, AND mind. I cannot fathom the impossible pressure you all perform under, but knowing where you need to draw the line and step away – TO CHOOSE YOURSELF – is most important. Only when we are okay can we perform at our best, and enjoy doing so.’

‘Thank you for helping normalise that even under tremendous pressure, it’s ok to be human. Thank you for your courage and strength. You are a role model, and just like the rest of the world I’m so inspired and awed by you. Once again you have shown us what it truly means to be a champion. Sending (red heart emoji),’ she added.


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