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‘If Aamir had kept his promise, my brother would be alive’: Anupam Shyam’s brother

Actor Anupam Shyam, who collaborated with Aamir Khan on films like Lagaan and Mangal Pandey: The Rising, passed away recently of multiple organ failure. Anurag, his brother, claims that Aamir promised them a loan, but that he then stopped answering Anupam’s calls.

Anupam Shyam’s brother called Aamir Khan ‘materialistic’ in a recent interview and said that Anupam would still be alive if Aamir had kept his promise.

Speaking to a leading daily, Anurag said: ‘These big people, who are considered to be big brands, why can’t they help their people? Kya lekar aaye the, kya lekar jayenge (what did you bring when you were born, what can you take with you when you go?). Why can’t we just help our people, who are looking outside of the industry and begging the government for help? There are so many actors, choreographers and other technicians who are in dire straits and our big people are sitting tight-fisted.’

Anurag added that his brother was ‘hurt,’ when Aamir stopped responding to texts but told him to ‘leave it be.’ He further stated: ‘Unki soch unko mubarak and aadmi ko itna materialistic nahi hona chahiye (He is entitled to his opinion, but I feel one should not be so materialistic). Had Aamir Khan kept the promise that he made to my brother, Anupam would’ve been alive today. Unke apno ne unka saath nahin diya (those whom he trusted didn’t help him out).’

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Anupam Shyam had been hospitalised a few days before his death due to a renal problem he had been suffering from since a few years. He was most known for portraying antagonists and gained popularity through the TV show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2.


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