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Adapt or die: UK Environment Agency warns.

According to the Environment Agency, Hundreds of people could die in floods in the United Kingdom, as a result of climate change that the country is not prepared to face.

Floods have taken dozens of people’s lives in Germany, earlier this year. The agency warns that the same would happen in Britain sooner or later, unless the country becomes more resilient to the weather which is rapidly getting violent.

The Chairperson of the Environment Agency, Emma Howard Boyd said that it is an ‘adapt or die’ situation.

The warning raised by the agency had an apocalyptic tone, intended to startle several sectors including the government, private companies and communities.

The agency urged everyone into preparing for the effects of global warming and climate change, such as rise in the sea level and extreme situations of rainfall and drought.

The report assessed the country’s readiness to cope with the risks of climate crisis.

Defra, the environment department of United Kingdom, responded to the study by saying that it was taking important steps to protect the country from the effects of global warming.

By the end of the century, the global average temperature is expected to rise above pre-industrial levels by 3 degrees Celsius.

The agency advocates for new flood-prevention thinking, stronger government-business partnerships, and programmes to restore natural systems that can absorb carbon and hold back rains.




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