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Open your umbrella as you ride your bike in the rain, get fined!

According to a new law in the state of Kerala, people who open their umbrellas while riding in the rain will have to pay a fine. Please be aware that this rule is only applicable to those who are traveling in Kerala by two-wheelers. The rule will keep all passengers and nearby pedestrians safe during the rainy season, regardless of how bizarre it may sound. Bicyclists typically use an umbrella while they are riding through traffic, which is very dangerous.

People traveling on bikes and scooters were seen using umbrellas while driving because Kerala receives a lot of rain. The result was a dramatic rise in road accidents during the rains, so a new rule was imposed. Considering all these accidents, the Transport Commissioner of Kerala has written a letter to all traffic authorities to prohibit two-wheeler riders from using umbrellas while driving. The authorities state that using an umbrella while winds are blowing at high speeds can be very dangerous, as it can cause the person to get disoriented and fall off. The new law is imposed in the wake of increased bike accidents during the long Kerala rainy season .

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A 52-year-old woman in Kerala fell off a motorcycle and sustained an injury while trying to open an umbrella in a moving vehicle last month. Due to this incident, the woman, who was traveling with her son, suffered serious head injuries and later died. In response to these accidents, the traffic police in Kerala will now keep a close watch on all those traveling by two-wheelers, and a challan will be issued if they fail to follow the new rule.


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