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Inflation surges in Turkey, students struggle to afford rent.

As Turkey’s cost of living rises due to rising inflation, law students say that they have been unable to pay the housing rent for the previous two months.

Candeniz Aksu, a 23-year-old law student at the University of Kocaeli, who lives with another student in Istanbul, said that the natural gas has been turned off and the metre would be taken away in a few days since they owe a lot of money.

With higher-education students in Turkey returning to normal classes after a long period of distance learning due to the coronavirus pandemic, many are becoming more reliant on parental assistance and money from part-time employment to make ends meet.

Enes, a journalism student at Ege University in Izmir, western Turkey said that the current government was to blame for the rising rents, as they continued to say that there were no problems.

Economists predict that interest rate cuts pushed by Erdogan to stimulate the economy, including a 200-point cut on Thursday that brought the lira to a new low, will stoke inflation and compound the students’ problems, while inflation is already near 20 percent.


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