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Man booked for cheating women on matrimony websites:

A 34-year-old man was  detained in Mumbai for reportedly defrauding at least 40 women after getting to know them  through matrimonial  websites. They claimed that the accused, Vishal Suresh Chavan alias Anurag Chavan, who holds B Tech and MBA degrees, would contact wealthy women and claim to work for a high-end mobile manufacturing company. Chavan is accused of defrauding at least 30 people by offering to buy them the most recent iPhones.

Chavan is charged with three counts of cheating and one count of rape. According to police, a 28-year-old lady filed a cheating case against Chavan in August, alleging that they met through a matrimonial website and that he allegedly collected 2.25 lakhs from her under the guise of investing in the stock market. He stopped  all contacts with her after a month .

‘We deduced that the suspect was using a mobile number in the name of someone else based on technical evidence and call data logs.’ ‘We had his pictures and after linking one link to another, we were able to locate his residence in Kalyan East, but he hadn’t been there in 15 days,’ a police official explained.

Chavan, according to Inspector Sudhir Jadhav, defrauded a number of ladies. ‘The vast majority of them are refusing to file charges against him. He was arrested in 2017 when a woman filed a cheating case against him, alleging that he had taken a total of Rs. 17 lakhs from her. After paying a sum of money to the court, he was granted bail by the high court.’ He continued, Chavan would approach women on matrimonial websites and offer to marry them in exchange for financial information. ‘After that, he’d start going to the woman’s house to develop her trust before taking money to invest.’


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