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Is it OK to talk on the phone or play music on trains? Railways soon to impose rules on passengers

The Indian Railways recently announced that it would take strict action against those who are loudly talking on the phone or playing music while traveling on trains. The railway wants passengers to have a comfortable journey. Railways, in issuing guidelines, said that the train staff will be responsible for passengers’ inconveniences. The move comes after complaints were received that some passengers were talking loudly on their phones and playing music, disrupting others.

Also, the Railways said that its on-board train staff, including ticket checkers, the RPF, catering workers, and coach attendants, have been asked to enter coaches and ask passengers to follow public etiquette. The Western Railway confirmed the development in a news portal, saying that the Railways had recently embarked on a two-week-long campaign in this regard, during which the ticket checkers and other on-board railway staff urged passengers to refrain from talking loudly on their phones or listening to music without earphones.

‘All staff engaged in this job have been instructed to be polite, tactful and courteous in their dealings with the passengers, leaving no room for complaints,’ the official added. The Railway official stated that habitual offenders who continue to cause nuisance to co-passengers would also be prosecuted in accordance with the Railway Act.

Guidelines after 10 PM:-

  • The train passengers should not talk in loud voice on their phones or listen to music at high volume.
  • After 10 pm, all the lights on the train should be turned off, except for the nightlight.
  • Groups of passengers will not be allowed to interact until late at night.
  • Co passengers’ complaints will lead to the Railways taking action against such travelers.
  • In addition to these conditions, the railway staff will provide all the necessary assistance to people aged over 60, physically disabled and lone women passengers.









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