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‘Continue Watching’ content can now be removed from Netflix!

Having Netflix’s ‘Continue Watching’ queue overrun with rejected content is ridiculous, so we were delighted to learn the streaming service has decided to let anyone remove shows and movies. Originally introduced in the summer of 2020 for mobile users, the feature will make it simple to delete rejected programs and concentrate on the series and films you are actually interested in watching. Previously, Android and iOS users could tap the three dots next to any title and select ‘Remove From Row’.

This function is now available on the web (where users could previously only hide titles from their viewing history) as well as directly on your TV; simply click on a program and choose ‘Remove from Continue Watching’. If you change your mind, click the back-arrow button to undo it. (Or just search for the title and pick up where you left off.)

‘Whether you’re deleting a new pick you’re not feeling, an old favorite you’ve rewatched too many times, or Marie Kondo-ing your whole row, this new button lets you constantly keep your ‘Continue Watching’ row fresh and filled with the shows and movies you can’t wait to watch,’ Christine Doig-Cardet, director of Netflix product innovation, wrote in a┬áblog announcement.


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